Whether you’ve got a new washing machine arriving, you’re going away on business or you know you’re going to have one of ‘those weeks’, our Home Personal Assistance service is the simple and elegant answer to taking away the stresses and strains that sap up your time and energy.


The Benefits to you

Using a home personal assistant comes with great benefits. Not only do you free up your time for more pressing matters, you also increase the security of your home. Below are some of the key benefits to all Hello Marilyn can offer:

  • Save yourself the complication of arranging your work schedule to await a delivery
  • Keep your home clean and well-maintained, allowing you to return to a positive environment
  • Your pets, particularly those that are more affectionate (like dogs), can be kept company or exercised consistently
  • A 3rd party can supervise those that require access to your home to carry out a service or job
  • By being in residence, we can provide your home with an extra level of security and reassurance
  • Some home insurers can provide benefits for using a home sitting service (Please consult your home insurer)

Our Credibility & Reputation

Credibility is the heart of Hello Marilyn. Without this, we could not operate a service which requires as much trust as home assistance or pet sitting does. That’s why every member of the Hello Marilyn team undergoes a training program covering the skills and etiquette to carry their work to the highest standard, as well as a CRB check. You can find out more about this specific process here: https://www.gov.uk/crb-criminal-records-bureau-check/overview

Our service and you

Each and every arrangement we have is subject to our stringent terms and conditions and service policy. These documents are written to make sure that the arrangement is fair, clear and that each party know their right and responsibilities in the event something doesn’t go according to plan.

Read our Terms & Conditions

I.C.L.M.A. Member

Hello Marilyn is a member of the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association, the oldest, largest and most respected professional assistance association.