Special moments in time

from £8.50 per person

Including a venue, a buffet and entertainment. Based on a party of 60 people.

We can create the party you’ve always envisaged. Our initial consultation will determine exactly what you want, but also what you can afford. Take a look at just some of parties we can arrange and simply get in touch to start for as little as £8.50 a head. Cheers!

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Family & Private

Celebratory Parties

Make your next party truly personable and memorable. We can help you celebrate Birthdays, Seasonal celebrations, Religious celebrations, Farewells and Welcoming parties.

Surprise Celebratory Parties

Throwing a surprise party can be difficult and stressful, particularly if you’re in the company of that special someone most of the time. We can handle every aspect, from arranging the catering, location, even the management of your guests.

Engagement Parties

Engagements to be wed are an exciting step for a family, so mark the occasion with a party that’s the perfect prefix for the big day. Once again, we can help arrange every aspect and ensure it’s done to the taste the couple would like and afford.

Tea Party

Fancy something a bit more fancy and elegant for those special friends? Try one of our tea parties, catering for special requirements, classic food and drink favourites, all in a convenient or special location. We can even arrange them in your home.

Clubs & Organisations

Group & Club Gatherings

Expand the reach of your social group or club by arranging meets with similarly like-minded organisations. Hello Marilyn can help bring you together, arranging travel, catering, venues and anything else that might be needed.

1-day & Multi-day Trips

We can arrange group trips to interesting and exciting locations across the UK and further afield, covering transport arrangements, activities whilst there, attendee management and accommodation.

Performance & Art based events

Hello Marilyn can help find some of the best locations for special musical and art-based performances and events across South Wales, arranging venues, catering, promotion and equipment hire.


These religious-orientated trips can be intriguing and memorable experiences. Hello Marilyn can help ensure this is realised through careful travel arrangements, activity management and attendee management.

Corporate Functions

Management Functions

If you’re looking to host a social gathering of the board or perhaps create a conducive environment as a host to a business trip, Hello Marilyn can call on a wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism to see the job done effectively.

Office Parties

Hello Marilyn can help arrange the perfect occasion for your colleagues to let their hair down and come together as a team. Whether you’re a small group or a corporate company of 100′s, we can help you celebrate your successes.

Hen & Stag Parties

1-day & Multi-day Trips

We can arrange trips for your party to interesting and exciting locations across the UK and further afield, covering transport arrangements, activities whilst there and accommodation.

Activity Planning

If you’re looking for a more local activities to do, Hello Marilyn has developed a portfolio of perfect opportunities. But, if you’re looking for something more specific or tailored to suit interests, we can source these activities for you, finding out as much as we can about the party during our consultation.

Something a bit more special?

Source Corporate gifts

If you need something to wow prospectives, clients or suppliers, we can help you source the perfect gestures from a variety of known suppliers, delivering on time and to a high quality.

Charter a private jet, yacht or helicopter

If you’re really looking to splash out and indulge your peers, let us help you source some transport to remember and arrange a party entirely around that.

Can’t See what you’re looking for?

Of course, this is but a taste of what Hello Marilyn can offer you, your family or organisation. If you are unsure if we can help you make that event a special occasion, you have only to ask us. And if we feel we’re not a suitable match, we’ll endeavour to point you in the right direction through our vast wealth of experience and contacts within the event industry.

Get in touch

How we work


Our first meeting will be conducted, either in person or over the phone, to firstly introduce ourselves and to set a specification for the event. We’ll get into the before, middle and after of the event, whether that’s establishing if you would like us to arrange for invites to be made and distributed, or if carriages need to be booked to take your happy guests home. This is also a great opportunity to work out small but important details, like the best method of contact for you throughout the project, if there are special requirements or variations and what happens if something can’t be done or goes wrong.


This is where we really start to get things in motion. We’ll thoroughly and carefully source through a wealth of contacts for everything we need and start to put a plan in place. You’ll be kept regularly informed of developments and when choices will need to be made. Once the plan is agreed upon, the arrangements (venue catering, transport, equipment hire and so on) can be implemented and booked in readiness for the event. If we don’t already have a suitable contact for any aspect of an event, it will become a priority to find an able contact who will undergo screening for suitability.

The Event

It’s the big day and we can be on-hand to ensure smooth running or if our presence isn’t required, we’ll be on call. Your event has been expertly pulled together and the very best of preparations can be expected. We will notify you of anything you should be aware about, whether it’s the operation of hired equipment or where food for special dietary requirements can be found. We’ll ensure every last detail is not left untouched and that every arrangement is purposeful.

Finishing Up

Once your event has drawn to a close and your guests have left happy. Any loose ends that might need to be taken care of with the venue, guests or suppliers can be finished up, leaving you with no worry or hassle. We’ll then have a catch up after to gain your feedback and ensure you’re entirely satisfied.