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Well, AUTUMN or the FALL is well and truly with us now.  Have you noticed the TREES are becoming more golden, and leaves litter your lawn? SHRUBS and Summer flowers are now coming to an end?  BEES and BUTTERFLIES have gone…….Walking through the dead leaves and them crunching underfoot is a favourite of mine from early childhood memories.  Even a good tumble amongst them with the kids or pets!  CONKERS, a must for children to find.

Autumn in all it's glory                                                                       Colours of Autumn

It won’t be long before we experience these gorgeous colours.  It is well worth planning a trip to your local ARBORETUM to experience such wonders for real.  Breathtaking!


What does WINTER make you think about?  Brrrrr the cold dark mornings and evenings, rain ice and slush. Traffic disruptions.  You don’t feel like moving away from your warm house.  I just adore the cold crispy mornings, so invigorating.  I muster up images of lovely early frosty morning walks.  The middle picture below was taken in Windsor Great Country Park at around 6:30 a.m. a few years ago.  Such a beautiful morning. Look how the first swan is breaking the ice for it’s follower.  It was quite extraordinary to watch. Some other fond memories were of staying in a caravan in the Brecon National Park in early February and whilst walking the canal path very early on a frosty morning I heard sheep making lots of noise.  On the return walk some 4 hours later, I found newly born lambs with their mothers, what a delight!

Winter 2013                           Following the broken Ice trail<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                            Tree decorations

 And of course we have the CHRISTMAS celebrations and then we always hope for SNOW.  Log fires, mulled wine and lots of chocolates, even a glass or two of bubbly.


I always look forward to each changing SEASON, it’s as if it is a new start, which it is for natural life.  Everything starts with SPRING.  Ahh Spring, I love this too, puts a real Spring in my step.  Watching the plants and trees come alive is one of God’s gifts to us.  New life indeed!  See how the Swan is protecting her babies.  The Father was very watchful on the water.

Spring           Spring and new life!

A time to spring clean our lives!

SUMMER!  We all long for those hot sultry Summer days, BBQs, afternoon strawberry teas and seaside trips. Who can forget the sunbathing and the real good factor feeling.  The gardens are in full bloom, especially so this year (2013) which has seen an abundance of butterflies and bees!  I have a LAVENDER bush in my garden and the insect life has been particularly amazing this year.

Wonderful Lavender and Butterfly                                                              Busy Summer Honey Bee

If you enlarge these 2 photos, you will be able to see clearly the details of the antennae on the butterfly, they look as if they are lit up.  And notice the honey sack attached to the Bee…. I’ve never seen this before!

Summer Days                                         IMG_0788

And so, we come back to our new Autumn!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Seasons and would appreciate any feedback you would like to send to me.  All the pictures  are originals taken by myself or someone close to me.





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