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Excitement is building for this event at The Maldron Hotel, Cardiff, in just over 2 weeks time!  http://youtu.be/nMsbxjO2yp4

A fantastic day out in Cardiff.  Visit the toy fair, enjoy the live music, throughout the day, shop in Cardiff, visit the vibrant Cardiff Bay area,  take advantage of the 20% discount for the Doctor Who Experience with advance bookings, many wonderful eating places just a few paces away. Re-entry to the event, no problem


Not much time left to scour your attics to create some room and spare cash at the same time. A few spaces are still available to book, but limited, so you need to act fast.

poemcard for toys eventFinal poster 05.05.13

We have a fantastic line up of Cardiff singer songwriters, including Elaine, who represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996.  Please see below for details.

For music lounge

 Situation of hotel

Places of interest close to the hotel


Here is your chance to exhibit those precious collections you have from the 80s and 90s at an exclusive venue in Cardiff. The Best Western Maldron Hotel. Keep your diary free for Saturday 24th August!! Space is limited, so apply soon not to be disappointed. Cost per table only £10, to traders and private collectors/sellers.

For bookings, Exhibitors and Visitors, e mail – events@hellomarilyn.co.uk

Don’t forget, advance bookings will entitle you to a 20% discount for tickets to the famous Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Check out this quirky video detailing the event. It will make you smile, I promise!!



Final poster 05.05.13Live music performed by James Clode, Cardiff singer songwriter, and friends. Find him on You Tube and I Tunes!



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We also have an area for all those toys that have been gathering dust in attics and cupboards. Make dosh, not dust. Now’s your chance to sell them. Don’t tell the kids!




Who have I forgotten I wonder?

Dress up in your favourite costume!





We look forward to giving you a wonderful welcome on the day.



I would like to tell you a story of a young lady I had the pleasure of working with 3 years ago She was probably the most inspiring young person I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with.

Her name is Krupa Patel, she is still only 21 and now heads the successful charity TEACH with over 20 people working with her in Tanzania.

I met Krupa purely by accident, or were we destined to meet? It was at the time of the Haiti disaster and I wanted to organise a concert in the town where I was living, Porthcawl, to raise funds so desperately needed.  Upon contact with the only suitable venue in Porthcawl, I was informed that there was an event for Haiti already planned, by Krupa.

We were put in contact with each other and immediately connected, and jointly arranged the event, using and sharing our skills, and created a wonderful event raising a lot of funds for Haiti.


Krupa felt that TEACH consider the Hiatians to be Children of Africa, they felt that we need to stand up and stretch out a helping hand to the children of Haiti left destitute by the recent earthquake


When I heard of Krupa’s background, I was completely “bowled over” I shall now tell some of her story and what she had achieved at the grand old age of 17.


At the age 17 Krupa went to Ghana as a volunteer, meeting 2 other volunteers and travelled to a remote part of the country.  Her Father said to me when I met him at the concert, that it was very hard to see her go off on her own at such a young age, but he and her Mother supported her decision.  Part of her duties included converting an old fisherman’s hut into a volunteer base, renovating a dilapidated school and setting up a library, which the children had never seen before


This gave her the initiative to carry on when she returned to the UK


Following this work the 3 volunteers set up their new charity TEACH and on a return journey reached even more remote parts and set up a new school called Horizons, using local labour and materials.


Amongst many of her moving experiences, Krupa recollects one where she gave an apple to a 9 year old for a competition.  Although being a rare luxury, the child passed it around the class of 20 for each to share a bite, before having a bite herself.  This is just one example of the abundant spirit amongst the poorest that she has worked with

She says…I went out to give, but came back with far more in terms of an education in the highest moral and human values.  What began with merely the search for a new experience, soon changed, to be the path she will be dedicating the rest of her life to.


TEACH – Time to Educate Africa’s Children, is a young UK based charity which is already making remarkable progress in Africa.  The founders of the charity have been deeply affected by the plight of the people of Haiti, which is only the latest setback in a continuing history of the country

 The charity work on a self help basis and believe that the people of the developing world need a hand up, not a hand out.  Believing that education is critical for development, to equip the younger generation with the skills and knowledge to support themselves with the challenges they face.

They focus on tackling the root causes of poverty, not just the symptoms.

Quite often aid is given very generously, but fails to utilise local knowledge, expertise and community understanding to ascertain their wants and needs

 As a result, it ends up providing assistance that is neither wanted, needed, nor sustainable in the long term

In whatever they do, TEACH place a special emphasis on ensuring the needs and rights of children are met because they are often the most hardest hit by disaster and chronic poverty.

2013 sees the charity going from strength to strength and Krupa has certainly shown that her commitment at 17 was in fact a true vocation. TEACH have now updated their name to Time to Empower Africa’s CHildren.


You can find out more of what Krupa is achieving by looking at the TEACH website  http://www.teachafrica.org.uk/  Follow TEACH on twitter and facebook.  Or subscribe to the TEACH Newsletter to keep up to date with all the advancements being made.

If Krupa agrees, I would like nothing more than for Hello Marilyn to support her charity and proudly wear the TEACH badge on my website.

Her family continue to support her efforts and Shivani, her Sister works from Porthcawl as her Managing Director.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you have found it interesting and inspiring.

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Starting my career in the early 70s, I now find myself in the challenging position of growing my very own business.

Hello Marilyn Event Planning and Hello Marilyn Home sitting is Born.

 Where you will find    “MY TIME SAVES YOUR TIME”


Both of these businesses have developed by using my own experiences of over 40 years.  You will become more familiar with these experiences as I share them via my blogs over the next few weeks, although you can find some by checking out my You Tube Journey, following this link http://youtu.be/Hfq_aFy7Xkw    In addition to my own personal experiences on the presentation, you will find very interesting News Headlines relevant to each year.  Bound to give you many “I remember that” or “good grief, I never knew that”!

I am going to concentrate on my Event Planning business over the next few weeks.  A chance conversation via face book a few weeks ago has led me to sow the seeds for an exciting event for “boys and their toys”


Does anyone remember these? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And what other childhood toy collections can be listed under “boys and their toys”?