Words from Marilyn

It's all Greek at Georgia's

Introducing the new service offered by Hello Marilyn, designed to bring people together to enjoy social occasions and to make new friends.

Do you find it difficult to meet like minded people to socialise with?  Are most of your friends busy with their own families and can’t always make the time?  Have you recently relocated to a new area and want to make new friends? Are you lonely, but don’t particularly want a partner in your life, or fed up with internet dating and meeting people just out of loneliness?

Well, look no further!!


This service is all about bringing groups of people together, over a period of 3 to 4 weeks, with each hosting their own dining experience.  And most of all to have some fun!

We recently ran a pilot scheme and here are some pictures and quotes from those who took part as a testament to it’s success.

To take part in your own group and meet new people, all you need to register your interest is to click on the “arrange a meeting” tab at the top of this page.

So ….. let’s say Hello to the inaugural participants of Come Dine With Hello Marilyn!  

                          The very first evening, 1970′s

      1980s theme at John's<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />      Fun games as the evening draws to a close

“It was without exaggeration a thoroughly life enhancing experience, captured in one short evening. I’m very much looking forward to the others.”

“We found things in common to talk about, as well as introducing our work and general interests;”

                          Back to the 1950′s

     The group 1950's theme    Showing pictures of the fun and games!

“I have barely mentioned the food. It was delicious, What I’m realising is that this aspect of the adventure is less important than I had at first envisaged.”

“It’s having a great time and building new friendships that matters most and, with that in mind, there is no doubt that joy and laughter dominated the proceedings…. and, whether abstaining from the gin or not,  there is no better tonic in life than that.”

Remember, all you need to take part is to click on the  “arrange a meeting” tab at the top of this page.

                                             Then we go to France

With our waitresses for the night.          And so the end of the eve, and reading palms!

“One of our guests, John, was moved to writing his own poem for this evening …..”

Come Dine with Me – Round 3 @ Rob’s

All dressed up and looking like snobs
Round 3 of Come Dine With Me and
We’re all off to Robs

The warmest of greetings, as we intrepidly draw nearer
From our two talented waitresses:
Bethan and Ciara

Suitable attired – like a Cordon Bleu Chef
Rob didn’t disappoint with
His culinary prowess

The evening passed fast and in a blink of an eye
We were poured in to our car
and away we did fly


                                          And finally to Cyprus.

It's all Greek at Georgia's   Greek dancing   grape session

A terrific final dinner, themed on Greek cuisine -with dancing and various other entertainments.

Hosted brilliantly, with true authentic Greek cooking…. and grapes!”

      And the winner is……..our “French Chef” Rob

     And the winner is!!

“The Results are in! It’s a joyous occasion, when you discover that you’ve won something and it’s all the more enjoyable when it’s unexpected”. “It really and truly wasn’t the winning that mattered, but the taking part”. “I’ve had an incredible time, let my hair down big time and made new friends! Channel 4 wouldn’t want us as we all got on so well!”

“Go ahead and set up a Come Dine With Me  experience and get in touch with “Hello Marilyn Event Planning” and let Marilyn plan it all for you. She is an absolute star! – we all found new friendships that I’m sure will endure.”

To take part in your own group and meet new people, take 3 easy steps ……

STEP 1 – Register your interest by clicking the “arrange a meeting” tab.

STEP 2 – Complete the enquiry form.

STEP 3 – Decide your menu for your evening, sit back and let us do the rest.

Can’t cook? Busy at work? ….Relax … you could “buy” in your dinner, get a friend to help out or even leave it up to Hello Marilyn!  We have lots of contacts and ideas that will save you time and effort!

Like the TV show, each diner will vote at the end of each evening, to be kept secret and the results will be announced at the last party.  A gift for the winner will be supplied by Hello Marilyn.

There will be an admin fee payable for each group member details on request.


Be sure to share this with your friends and family, and feel free to leave comments at the end of this blog.  All will be very much appreciated.


We were very lucky to have Rob, of Smarter Words as one of our group, and here are some links to his experiences with the Come Dine With Hello Marilyn!  Written BEFORE he was declared the winner!




Introducing Home p.a. Services from £50


Would you benefit from a Helping Hand At Home, prices from just £50?

After 8 months of trading and listening to the needs of my Clients, I am pleased to introduce the Hello Marilyn Personal Assistance service, extending my original Home Sitting service to suit you, the client, as and when you need my services for a wealth of tasks and jobs around the home and beyond.


How our Home PA Service works

All you have to do is visit our home PA services website, choose your hours and expect a call from Marilyn and the team.

If you have a job that needs seeing to straight away, let us know and we’ll book it in and tell you how long will be needed. No fuss. And, no stress.

Why you should ask for help

We all try to fit in 36 hours in a 24 hour day. When that happens, we don’t perform the same, which results in tiredness and stress which impedes on our work and precious home life.

Hello Marilyn can do the things you have to do, leaving you free to do the things you want to do. To find out more information and to book, please visit our Executive services website.

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Some of our P.A. Services

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Light Entertainment


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Well, AUTUMN or the FALL is well and truly with us now.  Have you noticed the TREES are becoming more golden, and leaves litter your lawn? SHRUBS and Summer flowers are now coming to an end?  BEES and BUTTERFLIES have gone…….Walking through the dead leaves and them crunching underfoot is a favourite of mine from early childhood memories.  Even a good tumble amongst them with the kids or pets!  CONKERS, a must for children to find.

Autumn in all it's glory                                                                       Colours of Autumn

It won’t be long before we experience these gorgeous colours.  It is well worth planning a trip to your local ARBORETUM to experience such wonders for real.  Breathtaking!


What does WINTER make you think about?  Brrrrr the cold dark mornings and evenings, rain ice and slush. Traffic disruptions.  You don’t feel like moving away from your warm house.  I just adore the cold crispy mornings, so invigorating.  I muster up images of lovely early frosty morning walks.  The middle picture below was taken in Windsor Great Country Park at around 6:30 a.m. a few years ago.  Such a beautiful morning. Look how the first swan is breaking the ice for it’s follower.  It was quite extraordinary to watch. Some other fond memories were of staying in a caravan in the Brecon National Park in early February and whilst walking the canal path very early on a frosty morning I heard sheep making lots of noise.  On the return walk some 4 hours later, I found newly born lambs with their mothers, what a delight!

Winter 2013                           Following the broken Ice trail<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                            Tree decorations

 And of course we have the CHRISTMAS celebrations and then we always hope for SNOW.  Log fires, mulled wine and lots of chocolates, even a glass or two of bubbly.


I always look forward to each changing SEASON, it’s as if it is a new start, which it is for natural life.  Everything starts with SPRING.  Ahh Spring, I love this too, puts a real Spring in my step.  Watching the plants and trees come alive is one of God’s gifts to us.  New life indeed!  See how the Swan is protecting her babies.  The Father was very watchful on the water.

Spring           Spring and new life!

A time to spring clean our lives!

SUMMER!  We all long for those hot sultry Summer days, BBQs, afternoon strawberry teas and seaside trips. Who can forget the sunbathing and the real good factor feeling.  The gardens are in full bloom, especially so this year (2013) which has seen an abundance of butterflies and bees!  I have a LAVENDER bush in my garden and the insect life has been particularly amazing this year.

Wonderful Lavender and Butterfly                                                              Busy Summer Honey Bee

If you enlarge these 2 photos, you will be able to see clearly the details of the antennae on the butterfly, they look as if they are lit up.  And notice the honey sack attached to the Bee…. I’ve never seen this before!

Summer Days                                         IMG_0788

And so, we come back to our new Autumn!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Seasons and would appreciate any feedback you would like to send to me.  All the pictures  are originals taken by myself or someone close to me.




Baubles and CandlesChristmas decorations


If you haven’t already booked your Christmas Party……. Look no further than Hello Marilyn, Party Planning Services.



I have availability at several venues in and near Cardiff. Prices start from £15.95 per person for a 3 course dinner and music, to themed parties with entertainment from £32.50 per head.

Murder on the Menu

Murder on the Menu Golden Girl


No matter how small your party, you can be sure of a fabulous time by joining other groups looking forward to partying the night away.

All your needs in one place, no “dragging” around packed venues after dinner is over, and putting a damper on the party atmosphere and splitting up your group!

I can also arrange a Christmas Party Night for large groups, with live music!

What would be your dream Christmas party? I would love to know and accept a challenge to “pull it off”

Please e mail me at events@hellomarilyn.co.uk for more information and to make your booking.



If you are looking for Executive Services including Home Sitting and Event Planning Services in Cardiff & South Wales please take a look at the Executive Services available from Hello Marilyn!

Hello Marilyn is run by Experienced Senior Manager Marilyn Collard.

About Hello Marilyn owner Marilyn Collard and the experience that ensures she can provide reliable, efficient & cost effective Executive Services including Home Sitting and Event Planning Services in Cardiff & South Wales! :

My Career

Working as a senior manager for 40 years with the same growing company has given me vast experience in all aspects of business.

Strong organisational skills have been particularly vital in my role.

My experience ranged from company accounts and audit, control and reconciliation of cash income in excess of £200k on a weekly basis and organising several weekend trips a year for up to 300 people which has been particularly rewarding when seeing people enjoy themselves.

During the growth of the company I enjoyed many aspects of the challenges and changes, especially so the interaction between site management teams and customers.

Close to my heart over the past 5 years was managing and driving of the company’s energy and recycling schemes. Even winning awards for the fantastic results achieved and making savings in excess of £100k.

I also achieved the qualification for the control and monitoring of Legionnaires disease which was introduced throughout the company.

Outside of work

I really enjoy listening to live music and have met and kept in contact with many talented musicians and singers over the years.

My abundance of enthusiasm keeps me busy and has seen me support the Welsh Badminton Union in the past and also many charity events.

I’m an active member of my local Church and enjoy using my organising skills to plan fund raising events and lend my assistance to other churches in the community.

Being in office as Church Warden a few years ago was a very rewarding experience, managing the finances and assisting with the restoration and repairs of an ancient church.

For more about our Executive Services, Home Sitting Services or Event Planning Services or to discuss your requirements and our prices please call: 02920 794780 or email: events@hellomarilyn.co.uk or home@hellomarilyn.co.uk

Well, what a day!

From the amazing arrangements put in place by the Maldron Hotel, CARDIFF to ensure everyone’s needs were catered for, and for keeping the refreshments topped up all day, to the support from everyone involved for this EVENT.

The turnout from the the traders and private collectors was fabulous.  The amount of memorabilia certainly took us all back to our childhoods, some further back than others!  Roger even had TOYS dating back to the 1930′s

The MUSIC was just a feast, hosted by James Clode who did a splendid job in keeping us all entertained during the day.  So much talent and styles to listen to.  Check out I Tunes for the single by James, called My Friend Jack. A real treat for music lovers

Kate Morgan our LOCAL ARTIST had some wonderful work on display, even though she was very short of time, from not getting back from Scotland late on Friday evening.

The fun and jinx from Matt Smith 11th  DOCTOR WHO lookalike along with Petch our face painter kept us all amused.

A good time had by all.  A big thank you from Hello Marilyn.

Here is a photo album to bring things to life.

BSa9DOtCYAAofts IMG_0819 BSbQaTuCYAEWp0d.jpg large BSbRM4_CUAAod6J.jpg large BSbPYRwCQAEzNK5.jpg large IMG_0443 IMG_0823 IMG_0821 IMG_0824 IMG_0828 IMG_0831 IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0843 IMG_0850


I wonder what the next event will be?


Doctor Who, Matt Smith is reported to have landed on the roof of The West Usk Lighthouse near Newport Gwent

Darlek group Introduction to the 1960′s Dalek, signed by ex Doctor John Pertwee.

Doctor Who For Tea

Afternoon tea was enjoyed by the owners Frank and Danielle of the lighthouse with Marilyn of Hello Marilyn


It has also been reported that Matt will be paying a visit to The Maldron Hotel in Cardiff on 24th August to view some of the rare memorabilia items on sale at a Boys and their Toys and Mollies and their Dollies event presented by local business woman Marilyn Collard of Hello Marilyn.

Who portrait

Now, the big question is, was it the real Matt, or was it an impersonator from another Planet?
What do you think?

Please follow this link for further information about this event http://hellomarilyn.co.uk/eventplanning/?p=409 




My latest event was to arrange an afternoon tea in a private location for 60 people + to celebrate a 60th Birthday.

After discussing several ideas with my client, it was decided to organise the event in their garden to make it a more personal celebration after confirming to her that gazebos, tables and chairs and all crockery could be organised for the event.

A list of foods required was drawn up and arrangements were made for the supply of the delicious home baked cakes.

All the finer details were put in place, and the only thing left, which couldn’t be arranged in advance was the weather!

However, the day dawned and the sun shone after overnight rain. Enter Hello Marilyn Executives to prepare the garden and serve the guests for the afternoon.


The Birthday girl was able to relax, knowing that all the arrangements had been taken care of, and enjoy her afternoon and enjoy the time with her guests.


She said after the event

“I was so pleased with the way Hello Marilyn, came in and undertook all the arrangement for the garden furniture to make a wonderful area for my friends to enjoy”

All the food, especially the home made cakes were taken care of for us.

It was so good to be able to greet my guests and mingle, knowing that everyone’s needs were taken care of.

I have to say, that I would thoroughly recommend the services of Hello Marilyn, when planning a celebratory party.  I was really able to enjoy the day knowing that my guests were taken care of.”


For your special event, email Marilyn at events@hellomarily.co.uk